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As a 5-year-old child, I was captivated by a Baldwin grand piano. I vividly remember seeing the piano up close and knowing I had to play piano. My dad, a local math teacher, traded tutoring for my very first piano lessons.

From the beginning, composing and performing were so intertwined, I couldn't stop making new songs. Today I still play piano but also get to serve others in their piano transformations.

Yes, I have the fancy creds - a Cum Laude in piano. Master's work in pedagogy. Students who have performed at Carnegie Hall, competed in the Roland National Composition Finals, written and performed their own Broadway Musical Workshop in NYC, had their song played by NFL's TikTok, and even recorded their own singles and music albums.

But what really matters to you? 

Is this a good fit for you?

As a pianist, my real-life music experience makes me a better piano coach for you. I'm in the studio recording piano tracks, licensing songs for ads, practicing piano, & performing. Most piano teachers I meet no longer make music professionally.

And my 20+ years of piano instruction experience makes me a go-to instructor.  I've coached over 3400+ students so I know where learners get stuck and how to help them move quickly from clunky to music-making. 

I specialize in getting you playing fluidly with both hands in a few weeks with the unique Piano Spark™ method you won't find anywhere else.  Playing by ear, composing, and reading music has never made more sense. 

All students at all levels are welcome to learn piano to grow in energy, focus, and calm in their everyday lives. 

My students inspire me with the music they play, the way they see the world, and their dedication to their craft.

I can't wait to meet you and get started!