DIY Piano Lessons at Home

Kids bored and bouncing off the walls? 😜

Anxious or stressed?  😥

Piano is a great way to put a positive spin on being home right now.

Learning a new skill is awesome. But did you know about the added health benefits?

Benefits include: improved brain neural connections, extra creativity, and reduced stress.

Many of my students' #1 thing they love the most is that they process their emotions at the keyboard and feel so much better about their day.

Piano Lessons for Kids,  Book 📘 & Videos 🎥 ,is a great resource to help kids learn piano at home. 

  • #1 Amazon New Release in 2 categories.
  • Save time and money.
  • Instruction from an expert teacher with over 15+ years experience.
  • Songs your child really wants to play
  • Challenging reader friendly (borders, less text)
  • 40 + instructional videos via the video link inside the book
  • Geared for young beginners

Kids have so much fun with this book!


Want more info? This video shows you step by step the inner workings of the book.


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