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What if piano for adults could be the best part of your day? A way to express your emotions and reorder your mind to bring the realest part of you back to yourself. With your morning coffee, during a midday lunch break, after work, or at night before bed. Music-making that finally fits into real life!

Don't worry - it's not too late. And you're not alone. Adults, many with little to no musical experience, are flocking to the piano in unprecedented numbers. And they are not just playing well; they're excelling, often surpassing kids in many ways. While it seems counterintuitive, adults are often more effective piano students than children. They bring multiple unique strengths to the piano including: motivation, fine motor coordination, cognitive advantages, life experience, and more. 

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Play by Ear First,

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Have you tried piano before to only get so far and get stuck? Months later still playing the simplest version of "Ode to Joy" with no freedom in sight? That's not what you first imagined when you started playing. You probably dreamed of two hands moving fluidly up and down the keyboard, fully immersed in the music.

While simple tutorials can help you learn notes, they do so without giving you true understanding of how music works. That understanding is the bridge between beginner piano and advanced piano freedom. 

Other methods do not follow the language model. As a baby you heard first, talked next, and then you read and wrote. Piano is a language - best learned when you play by ear first and read music last. This is the basis for The Piano Spark Method™.

The Piano Spark Method™ is developed from 20 years of experience and over 3400+ students. Using best piano practices and neuroscience, we cut through the fluff to get you playing fluidly with both hands fast. Musicality and technical work are emphasized along the way to get students a professional sound even with beginner playing in a positive and supportive environment.

And the best part - even though there's enough new things to explore in piano to enjoy during your life, you don't need years for your first transformation. What takes other methods years, we can get you that first major transformation in 6 to 8 weeks. Playing fluidly, both hands, with freedom. 

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Play by Ear First

Can you play pattern recognition games like Tetris?  You can learn to hear patterns in sound. Play popular songs "by ear".

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Make your own songs because you finally know how music works.  Simple secrets the pros use. 

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Sheet music hasn't worked out for you?  Learn innovative reading shortcuts. Impress your family and friends!

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"When I started, I could only read the same few songs on my piano app. Now I can move freely up and down the keyboard. I'm now playing for friends, family, and neighbors at our condo's clubhouse. Piano brings so much JOY. I understand not just how to play the song I'm on, but how music works inside and out. Amber is positive, and encouraging, and helped me improve lightning-fast."


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"My favorite songs to play would be the songs I compose because it's a way to get my emotions out and it's a way to feel things I don't know how to process myself. It's taught me that I'm creative."

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"I have played in orchestras, musicals, talent shows, and performed my solo composition for an audience of thousands of people. Before I played piano, I was an extreme perfectionist. Piano helped me get over this issue and helped me perform at high levels."


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"Before I kind of played by ear. Mostly one-handed. In a short time, I played two songs on the piano with a singer/guitarist at a local performance. I have heard music theory terms tossed around but I finally learned how to HEAR the music patterns and could do so much more on my own without relying on instruction each time I learned a new song. 


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"I can tell a story with the classical music I am playing and feel an emotional connection with the notes I am reading off the page. I enjoy being able to easily play new songs I have never seen before."

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