Never Too Late: The Adult Piano Student's Surprise Advantage

adult piano lessons Aug 04, 2023

Never Too Late to Learn: The Adult Piano Student's Surprise Advantage 

We were at a poolside gathering, talking about our summers. And with new acquaintances, the inevitable "What do you do? What's your occupation?" comes up. 

I brace myself for the wide range of reactions to "piano coach." Some people hear "piano" and get excited. Others start recounting horror stories of their own childhood lessons involving agony around reading sheet music, "the left hand," and frustration practicing.

Inevitably, a few people get sad. One guy talks about how his kids are in lessons and doing well. He is on the verge of tears about how he had always wanted to play piano. He'd never gotten the chance. When he asked me when I started, and I said, "Age 5," it confirmed the mental picture that it takes years of lessons at a young age. Piano lessons are for super-talented & driven kids. It's just "too late." 

My theory is people have seen too many social media videos. You know -...

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What do I do with Performance Anxiety?

performance Feb 16, 2021

(Click on picture to view video link)

Have you ever been nervous before a performance for an audience? Ever got jitters before recording your song in front of a camera? 

Here are some tips backed by neuroscience and used by Olympic Athletes.

#1) Take 7 deep breaths. This calms your nervous system and stops the overthinking cycle.

#2) Visualize yourself in the place you love the most. Use your 5 senses.

#3) Visualize yourself performing your song going perfectly and playing with freedom. Imagine your clothes, the room, and all your surroundings. Again use your 5 senses. Focus on a confident finish and feeling good! 

This is not a one-and-done strategy. Your nervous system improves and repairs over time. This must be done consistently to improve results.

Here's a good schedule:

A few weeks out from the performance

  • - Practice visualization techniques
  • - Play songs for an informal audience of family or friends
  • - Practice in your performance attire

Day before the performance

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How to Record a Great Quality Piano Video! 🎥


Let's record a great quality video!


  • Time of day - good lighting mid morning or afternoon
  • ‍ Look nice - Come with hair done and be in real clothes. Don't come in workout gear or pajamas. 
  • Pick the best camera - Find the phone/device or video camera with the best phone and microphone.
  • Remove the case - If you are using a device remove the case.
  • Cushion the sound - to avoid harsh echoes place a towel or soft shirt behind or near the device.
  • Position the microphone - Microphones should not be covered up. My phone microphone are the three holes by the charger port. You can do an internet search for your model if you aren't sure.
  •   Horizontal -sideways (see pictures below)
  • Side view - Make sure the device can see your hands on the keys and your face. Shoot from an angle that is facing you evenly or slightly above. An angle from below is not flattering. Clear all clutter from the background. These are all great examples...

  • Stabilize...
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