How to Record a Great Quality Piano Video! 🎥

audio performance recording video Apr 22, 2020


Let's record a great quality video! 🎥


  • ✔️ 🌤️ Time of day - good lighting mid morning or afternoon
  • ✔️ 👩🏻‍🦱 Look nice - Come with hair done and be in real clothes. Don't come in workout gear or pajamas. 
  • ✔️Pick the best camera - Find the phone/device or video camera with the best phone and microphone.
  • ✔️Remove the case - If you are using a device remove the case.
  • ✔️👕 Cushion the sound - to avoid harsh echoes place a towel or soft shirt behind or near the device.
  • ✔️ 🎙️Position the microphone - Microphones should not be covered up. My phone microphone are the three holes by the charger port. You can do an internet search for your model if you aren't sure.
  • ✔️ ðŸ“· Horizontal -sideways (see pictures below)
  • ✔️ 🎹 Side view - Make sure the device can see your hands on the keys and your face. Shoot from an angle that is facing you evenly or slightly above. An angle from below is not flattering. Clear all clutter from the background. These are all great examples...

  • ✔️🔭 Stabilize the device - Mount on tripod, music stand, or side table. Do not set the device on the piano - harsh vibrations will occur.
  • ✔️ ðŸ“–  Work out page turns - If your music is not memorized, can you spread out the pages? If not, do you need someone to turn pages for you?
  • ✔️ 💭 Visualization exercises - Go through the sequence #1) Breathing #2) Visualize yourself in your favorite place #3) Visualize yourself at your piano and hear/see your way through your first song. What emotions do you want the audience to feel? Have fun!
  • ✔️ ⏺️ Record your songs - Record extra time at the beginning and end of the video for me to edit.  Smile at the camera before you start. Play a definite ending - nice and long or short and crisp. Smile at the camera after you play. Record each song in a separate file.
  • ✔️  ▶️  Play it back.  How does it sound and look? Adjust if necessary. 
  • ✔️ Rule of 3 -   Use the best take of 3 times. Have fun! If you feel stuck, come back to it later.


Enjoy your song!

Thanks for sharing your gift of music! 


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