What do I do with Performance Anxiety?

performance Feb 16, 2021

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Have you ever been nervous before a performance for an audience? Ever got jitters before recording your song in front of a camera? 

Here are some tips backed by neuroscience and used by Olympic Athletes.

#1) Take 7 deep breaths. This calms your nervous system and stops the overthinking cycle.

#2) Visualize yourself in the place you love the most. Use your 5 senses.

#3) Visualize yourself performing your song going perfectly and playing with freedom. Imagine your clothes, the room, and all your surroundings. Again use your 5 senses. Focus on a confident finish and feeling good! 

This is not a one-and-done strategy. Your nervous system improves and repairs over time. This must be done consistently to improve results.

Here's a good schedule:

A few weeks out from the performance

  • - Practice visualization techniques
  • - Play songs for an informal audience of family or friends
  • - Practice in your performance attire

Day before the performance

  • Practice visualization techniques
  • Do not over practice songs
  • Get good sleep and nutrition

Day of performance

  • Practice visualization techniques (above)
  • Play songs a maximum of twice before the performance venue or recording your songs. 
  • You will play the best the first few times of the day
  • Focus on musicality, not perfection!

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